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Born and raised in Brazil, Camila Schubert is an International artist; she works in film, photography and painting. Currently residing in Dubai, she draws inspiration from the dichotomy of her roots and adopted home, enriching her artistic expression.

Schubert's journey began in the world of cinema, where she honed her skills in transforming ordinary moments into uncommon narratives. Transitioning to photography, she developed her high-impact style, using intense flash to create intimate and raw scenarios that draw the viewer in.

In her latest artistic evolution, Schubert has embraced painting, seamlessly tying together her creative expressions. Her paintings, rich in symbolism and mysticism, reflect her interest in alchemy, human mythology, chemistry, and social behavior, inviting viewers to embark on a contemplative journey through the canvas.

Her work offers a sophisticated interplay of form and meaning, rooted in a deep exploration of the human psyche. Schubert's art is a testament to her unending curiosity, boundless imagination, and steadfast commitment to her craft. A distinctive voice in the global art scene. Her work has the balance between provocation and deep self reflection.

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